Product Review: Edge And Skintimate Shaving Gel A New Way Of Shaving!

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I have been a long time user of cheap foam shaving cream until I recently tried Skintimate Moisturizing Gel shaving cream. My husband has swore by Edge Advanced Shaving Gel for years. S.C. Johnson  amp; Sons are the company behind these products. I thought all shaving creams and gels were the same. They all promise a close shave free of razor burn, and for the most part they do what they promise, but shaving gel leaves your legs feeling softer and smoother.

Skintimate Moisturizing gel comes in a feminine pink can. I purchased the Signature Scent Raspberry Rain with vitamin E. The product boast that it comes with 11 moisturizers including olive butter, vitamins, and antioxidants. I sprayed an area of my leg and rubbed it on creating a rich, thick foamy lather. After each stroke I rinsed my razor under running water. I have to say that I did not experience any razor burn, nicks, or irritation from this product. I have sensitive skin and I am allergic to soap so I always have irritation in the back of my mind. I normally rub lotion on my legs after shaving but my skin felt really smooth and clean after shaving so I did not apply any lotion.

The gel smells is so fresh and clean. It reminds me of raspberries and watermelons. The gel comes out of the can in a soft pink color and foams easily when spread over your legs or under arms. I like that my legs did not have a menthol or manly smell after shaving.

My husband uses the Edge Advanced Gel to shave his face. He likes that he gets a clean, close shave with no irritation. “I wash my face, lather, and shave. It is really very basic but I get a really good shave. I have used Edge Gel for years.” Edge Gel has aloe added and we have not had any problems with irritation unlike the old practice of using even bester epilierer. My father in law uses Edge Gel as well and he is 91 years old. His skin is very thin and fragile. We worry about him getting cuts and scrapes and like my husband he will not use anything but Edge Gel.

If you are caring for an elderly person and have problems with peri care you can spray the peri area with shaving cream and wash with a washrag and warm water. Shaving cream helps cut down on odors and cleans the skin.It is used frequently in nursing homes and hospitals for this purpose. Do not use until you have done a skin test and made sure there is not a chance of allergic reaction.

In our attempts to become green consumers we like that S.C. Johnson has created these shaving gels in a recyclable can. Both products contain no CFCS products and are safe for the ozone layer. A product that is not only good but environmentally friendly.

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