The Benefits Of Using Fountain Pen

Writing and Speaking

This article will primarily discuss the benefits of using a fountain pen. If you are looking for fountain pen ink reviews, it is advised that you read our other articles titled: The Best Fountain Pen Inks And Why You Should Start Using Them as well as Top Choices For Inks For Your Fountain Pen. If that is not enough for you, go and visit for more reviews.

1. There is no need to use pressure on a fountain pen

Ball point pen, as well as roller ball pens, are probably not the best selection for handwriting. The technical aspects associated with writing using a ball point and roller ball pen requires the writer to use solid force on the pen in order for the ball to rotate with the paper, letting out ink. For this reason, people have a tendency to apply excessive force to the pen and utilize a lot of stress when writing on paper. Sometimes, people end up getting soreness in their wrists and hands which can also result in carpal tunnel syndrome.

With fountain pens, the need for applying pressure is eliminated. This will also get rid of the hand soreness problem and the risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome.

2. Fountain pens are more comfortable to use

Generally, fountain pens feel great to use when writing. The majority of fountain pens are usually heavy and have fine comfy holders, and a number of them are created from steel. Heavier pen is easier to use for a lot of people. For this reason, fountain pen has the benefit of being more comfortable to hold and write with. Additionally, fountain pens can draw fine lines with full saturation even if you are using no pressure on the pen, which makes it even more better to use.

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