The Top 5 Nintendo Wii Christmas Gifts for 2019

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One of the best gift ideas for a Nintendo Wii game player is a new game, especially a brand new release. In November, there were a number of popular new versions of Nintendo Wii games released, making the top gift idea list for Nintendo Wii gamers rather easy to complete. The top 5 Nintendo Wii gift ideas includes 4 of 5 games that are new releases. Popular series such as Call of Duty and Sonic games for Nintendo Wii top the list, as well as the newest Animal Crossing Nintendo Wii game. The top gifts for Nintendo Wii gamers for this holiday season like Mario shirts are listed in order, but when choosing the perfect Nintendo Wii gift, consider the player’s interests. Younger players will require a Nintendo Wii game with an E for Everybody rating by the MSRB, while most teens will prefer a Teen rated game.

  1. Guitar Hero World Tour

The Nintendo Wii Guitar Hero World Tour video game tops the list this year as a must-have for any Guitar Hero fans. Guitar Hero World Tour was recently released for the 2008 holiday gift season, making it a great choice for any teen Guitar Hero player. The newest version includes the ability for players to sing, play the guitar, bass, or drums. There are over 80 song choices on Guitar Hero World Tour, including some hits from legends Metallica, Jimmy Hendrix, and Van Halen.

Activision hit the mark on this new version of Guitar Hero, allowing gamers to create studio songs and play new instruments. Nintendo Wii players can play alone or with friends on Guitar Hero World Tour. The retail price for Guitar Hero World Tour is $49.99 for the basic package. The MSRB rating is Teen for Guitar Hero World Tour.

  1. Sonic Unleashed

Watch out for Dr. Eggman in the newest Sonic game for Nintendo Wii, Sonic Unleashed. Players get to save the world from the notorious villain, Dr. Eggman, in Sonic Unleashed. This Nintendo Wii Sonic game is the latest in a series of Sonic themed games, just recently released. The fastpaced game will keep players energized as they get to choose between daytime and nighttime levels of play. The Speed mode is used in the daytime levels and the Brawler mode is used in the nightime levels of play. The Brawler mode lets gamers take on the bosses.

Sonic Unleashed is a good Nintendo Wii gift choice for Sonic fans. The retail price for Sonic Unleashed is $49.99.

  1. Animal Crossing: City Folk

Animal Crossing: City Folk makes it into the number 3 spot on this year’s Nintendo Wii holiday gift guide because of its appeal to younger Nintendo Wii gamers. The MSRB rating of E for Everyone makes this a good choice for tween gamers. Animal Crossing: City Folk brings back some of the same cool features found in the Animal Crossing Nintendo Wii games, and allows players to customize entire towns and collect a variety of things. Players of Animal Crossing: City Folk can build their own perfect town, attend shows, celebrate holidays, and even make a trip to the salon.

Animal Crossing: City Folk is a great game for kids who are not ready for the more advanced or mature Nintendo Wii games. Nintendo Wii gamers can play with up to 4 other friends in this highly interactive and creative Nintendo Wii game. The suggested retail price for Animal Crossing: City Folk is $49.99.

  1. Call of Duty: World at War

World of War gamers will enjoy the newest Nintendo Wii version of the series of Call of Duty games. This brand new Call of Duty version has players fighting battle in World War II, braving Kamikazi fighters and facing challenging battles. The Squadmate mode even allows players to join with friends at the same time, with a single screen mode.

The Call of Duty games for Nintendo Wii are a great choice for teens and adults who like challenging multi-level games. This is the newest version, Call of Duty: World at War (WWII), and is sure to be a popular gift choice for Nintendo Wii players this holiday season. The retail price of $49.99 is consistent with other Nintendo Wii new releases.

  1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

One of the most highly rated Sonic games among Nintendo Wii players is

Super Smash

Bros. Brawl. This Nintendo Wii game was released earlier in 2008, but has proven to be a great choice for Nintendo Wii players. Super Smash Bros. Brawl includes one of the largest cast of characters ever seen in the Sonic series of games. Players can face combat with a huge number of interesting and familiar Nintendo characters. The online multiplayer allows friends to play together and includes a replay feature, as well as multiple levels.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl has a Teen rating by the MSRB, and is a good gift choice for teen and early teen players. The retail price for Super Smash Bros. Brawl is $49.99 but gift givers may be able to find discounted or sale prices on this Nintendo Wii game, since it is not a brand new release.

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