Tips to get Hidden Secret Stars in Fortnite


Fortnite has launched secret stars in the game with its 10.10 patch release update last August. These stars are a great way to acquire extra pass tiers for Fortnite battles and hence a lucrative catch for any player here. The fun part is these stars are mostly hidden and you have to find them out. So, where do get these hidden stars? Would you get it in Fortnite’s official game shop Well, there are two main ways to get your coveted battle stars and make your battles stronger. Please read the post below to know more.

Completely the weekly challenges

Fortnite offers a wide assortment of weekly challenges to the players. And these challenges are your key to earn the powerful secret stars. There are certain requirements to complete these challenges and attain the Stars. Go through these requirements and complete the weekly challenge to assess the Secret Stars. You will receive ten Battle Stars if you can complete weekly challenges as well as locate the Secret Star.

You will be rewarded 1,000XP when you make it to 100 Battle Tier. If you’ve already made it to 100 Battle Tier of Battle Pass, Fortnite will award you 1000XP in place of ten Battle Stars as you get Secret Star.

Find hints in loading screen

The location of Secret Star is unveiled every week through loading screen.

When you complete one week’s challenge, you will be able to unlock one loading screen. This loading screen features hint to your much-awaited Secret Star. The loading screen can be accessed from locker.

It’s to note here that the hint for Secret Star on loading screen will be hidden and the challenge is to find. Interestingly, the hint will be hidden in the most inconspicuous places. So, prepared to scan the screen well and leave no place while looking for the hint. After you finally find the hint, simply go to the location and just claim the star.

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