Top 4 Merchants That Have Started Accepting Bitcoins


Bitcoin is undoubtedly waging a revolution in the contemporary financial market. Kudos to the coin as it’s the same coin that had faced severe criticisms from mainstream fiscal market in its initial days. The immense profit potential of the coin has finally left many critics tight-lipped. Bitcoin exchanges are growing in numbers in response to increasing interest in Bitcoin trading. You can also take to the more convenient automatic trading route with BTC trading apps like Bitcoin Profit. Now, one of the major reasons behind the rising interest in BTC investment and trading is the foray of esteemed businesses in the BTC market.

The post below offers a brief on the top merchants that have started accepting Bitcoins.


One of the main pioneers of Bitcoin payment gateway, Microsoft has been officially accepting BTC payments since 2014. Microsoft account holders can use Bitcoins to buy almost everything the from the Xbox and Windows stores. Although the tech giant had stopped accepting Bitcoins a while ago yet it has again resumed Bitcoin payments.


The leading virtual travel booking company is one of the major patrons of Bitcoins today. Akin to Microsoft, Expedia started accepting the coin from 2014 only. The company has partnered with Coinbase for implementing Bitcoin payments and Expedia clients have readily embraced the move.


Overstock was one among the early adopters of Bitcoin across the online retail scene. The company allows Bitcoin payments for a versatile range of products- ranging from tech to homeware and so on. In fact, Overstock not only supports Bitcoin but it also approves other major cryptocoins as well.


Almost all of us have heard about that guy who spent a whopping 10,000 BTC for 2 pizzas in 2010. Well, Bitcoin and pizza go a long way together.

Now, PizzaForCoins is not exactly a pizza outlet. It’s more of an intermediary between pizza lovers and pizza stores. It will locate your nearby pizza venture and then enable you to pay for it through Bitcoins against a nominal charge.

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