Top Youtube Marketing Tips For Your Channel

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YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform.  With more than 400 million users, YouTube is the largest source of entertainment for many, given the recent trends of growing business through YouTube. Wondering how to create business from YouTube? Well it is easy – increase your watch hours.

You would say, that’s what a layman does, pleads the viewers to like share and subscribe. But that is not the only way you can entertain viewers and make money. Most of the youtubers will have various social media platforms, or blogs or websites. They are more than willing to divert their YouTube traffic to their website or blog. Let us understand how one can generate free traffic for their website from YouTube.

Ways to divert free traffic from YouTube

  • Bridge: You must be able to create a bridge between your YouTube channel and your website or blog site. Most viewers will need a strong incentive to visit your website. Here are a few reasons which can lead your viewers to your blog or website.
  1. Free PDF
  2. Free 2 months workout plan
  3. E-book free download
  4. Course material, etc.
  • Link in the description: Most of us have visited YouTube channels, and heard millions of times, for more info, please visit the link in the description. That is a decent way of driving your channel viewers to your website, by providing the link to your website in the video description.

  • Using cards: Most YouTube videos will have various popup or cards during the video. This is basically to attract attention to the cards by verbal call to action method. These cards will hold link to you websites.
  • Buy YouTube subscribers: To monetize your videos, the watch hours and subscribers are necessary. There are several websites which offer different plans to buy 4,000 YouTube hours +1,000 subscribers for your channel, so that you can make money.

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