Why Is The Game Rust Worth Buying? What Are Some Of The Pros And Cons?


Rust brings Open World PvP to its players. It was developed by Facepunch Studios and released in late 2013. It is a multiplayer online game that requires the players to survive and raid. It has elements similar to that of Minecraft and ARMA 2. The game is tough for someone who just started playing it as anyone could kill you. From making a bonfire to building a shelter, the player will have to do it all while ensuring their survival. Players also have the option to form alliances and form towns.

  • What are the pros of Rust?

Some of the pros of Rust include:

The game is updated frequently. Gamers can always expect new additions which makes the game more interesting.

The sounds, background, and visuals are appealing. Much attention has been given to the graphics and they are being improved.

Gamers can build tools, communities, signs, etc in the game. It carries a wide scope and has many options to build.

  • Are there any cons?

While the game sounds amazing, it carries certain drawbacks:

The game requires more system requirements than most of the games. If the requirements are not fulfilled, the game cannot be enjoyed to its fullest as it lags.

In spite of playing the game competitively, players tend to shoot on sight. Also, other players tend to raid more often and do not give a fair chance to new players.

The frequent updates sometime wipe out players’ progress. This causes trouble and a solution to this problem is yet to be out.

Even with the cons, the game is excellent for gamers who seek a thrill. Players can choose to accelerate their progress through Rust hack. It helps in getting aimbot, speed hack, super jump, daytime light hack, and so on. These cheats can also be used to unlock items, colors, build structures, etc. Thus, with the help of hacks, surviving the game becomes easier.

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